Once the finalist has signed the Job Offer Letter (provided by SEO), the finalist must submit the remaining documents below to the Student Employment Office.  All hiring paperwork (including the EWR) must be submitted to the Student Employment Office no later than 5:00pm on May 23, 2014.

  1. Copy of EWR
  2. Job Offer Letter
  3. Employee Personal Data SheetI-9 Employment Eligibility Form with two forms of original documentation
  4. Federal W-4 Withholding Form
  5. Disabled Veterans’ Status Form
  6. Confidential Release Form (Background Check)
  7. PVSTEP Student Work Schedule
  8. Fall 2014 Detailed Class Schedule
  9. Summer 2014 Detailed Class Schedule (if attending)
  10. Graduate School Application (if attending)
  11. State Mandated Training Transcript

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