Student Employment Appreciation Week

April 14, 2014 thru April 17, 2014

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares a full week in April as National Student Employment Week. National Student Employment Appreciation Week offers our University the opportunity to focus on those students attending college and displaying excellent performance and work ethics in their workplace. NSEA supports and promotes student employment through research, publications, professional development opportunities and encourages open exchange of information.

National Student Employment Week is an opportunity for colleges and university across the nation to recognize the contribution of their student employees and the contribution their student employees make in the organization, the community and beyond.  PVAMU will celebrate National Student Employment Week by recognizing and rewarding our student employees, as well as provide an open forum for discussion of student employment and career-related issues.

Student Appreciation Week offers our University the opportunity to focus on student employees who display excellent work performance and ethics in the workplace.  This week is an excellent platform for employing departments on the campus to engage in positive, uplifting and encouraging activities with their student employees.  Supervisors are encouraged plan activities that show appreciation for their student employees.

During this period, the University will also present the Student Employee of the Year Award. One student will be recognized as Student Employee of the Year and two-runner ups will also be selected.  Supervisors may nominate one student worker for this award, by submitting a 350-500 word essay.  Sample essays are below for your review.

The selection committee will consist of an SEO and HR representative alongside the SEO/SGA senator, SEO student employee or a student employee volunteer.  Eligible nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Length of employment – 2 full semesters (excluding summer)
  • GPA – 2.5 or higher
  • Hours per week:  Average of 15 hours or more

Departments and supervisors are encouraged to take time during National Student Employment Week to let their student employees know how much their work is appreciated. Acknowledging their effort motivates, encourages and thanks student employees while providing incentives for them to continue their efforts.

 Ways to Celebrate

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate and show appreciation to your student workers.

  • Have a Pizza Party. Designate a day when the whole staff can get together and order pizza. Include soda and chips and you’re in for a good time!
  • Bring in a sheet cake, cupcakes, or brownies. Have a Desert Party!
  • Organize a Potluck Luncheon to be held in the office. Again, the entire department can take part.
  • Collect assorted goodies (cookies, chocolates, crackers, cheeses, candy, etc) and make a Care Package for your students.
  • Wrap up small bags of jellybeans, chocolate eggs, etc. tie with a ribbon.
  • Have a Chip & Dip Party.
  • Build your own Ice Cream Sundae Party. Bring in a couple of different flavors and toppings. This is something the whole department could take part in.

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