The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships awards federal and state work-study.  For additional assistance regarding your financial aid package and work-study, please visit the Financial Aid Office at:

Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Prairie View A&M University | Memorial Student Center 300

Phone:  936.261.1000 | Fax:  936.261.1031


Award Amount

The Financial Aid Department determines the student’s work-study award. The award is the total gross dollar amount a student may earn during the award period. Award amounts are dependent upon each student’s award, work schedule, and rate of pay. The student may or may not earn his or her entire award.

Once awarded each student will receive an award notice form the Department of Student Financial Services.  This award notice will indicate the total dollar amount awarded each semester. The student must accept the work-study awarded and return the signed document by the required deadline in order for the award to be activated. The award will be either for specific semesters (Fall, Spring or Summer) or specific academic year (Fall or Spring). The total dollar amount will be the maximum that a student may earn during the specified term.

Award Period

The award period is the time frame during which a Federal Work-Study student may earn money. This period will correspond with the PVAMU academic calendar, when classes are in session. If a student is awarded Federal Work-Study for both the Fall and Spring semesters, the total earnings will be limited to the current semesters’ award amount. This is important because from one semester to the next a student may become ineligible to continue the program. Therefore, the Office Student Financial Aid & Scholarships will re-evaluate each student after every semester.

Award Revision

Occasionally, change in policies, regulations, and financial need may cause a student’s financial aid award to be adjusted or reduced. The student will be notified of any changes via a revised award notice which will provide details on the changes in the award amount.

Apply for Work-Study

If you would like to be considered for work-study by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, please visit their website here.

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