Dr. Ikhlas Sabouni, Dean Prairie View A&M University P.O. Box 519 Mail Stop 2100 L.W. Minor Street, Rm 100 Prairie View, Texas 77446 Phone: 936.261.9800 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:

Dr. Arsenio Rodrigues, Director                   Phone: 936.261.9819 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:

Community Development

Kevin Riles, Coordinator                                 Phone: 936.261.9810 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:

Construction Science

Dr. Bruce F. Bockhorn, AIA, Director Construction Science Program Phone: 936.261.9805 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:

Community & Rural Enhancement Service

William Batson, Director                                Phone: 936.261.9837 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:

Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and Culture

Michael Hurd, Director                                     Phone: 936.261.9836 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:


Art Program – Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr., Director Art Program Phone: 936.261.9807 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:

Digital Media Art – Tracey Moore, Coordinator Phone: 936.261.9818 Fax: 936.261.9826 E-mail:

Student Services/Service Learning – Barry Norwood, Director Phone: 936.261.9802 Fax: 936.261.9826 Email:

Digital Multimedia Coordinator –  Stephen Y. Song Phone: 936.261.9818 Fax: 936.261.9826 Email:

Customer Service Coordinator- Billie J. Evans Phone: 936.261.9803 Fax: 936.261.9826 Email:

Administrative Assistant III- Kimberly Rose Phone: 936.261.9830 Fax: 936.261.9826 Email:

Academic Specialist – Sonja H. Perry Phone: 936-261-9833 Fax: 936.261.9826 Email:

Admissions for New and Transfer Students                       Phone: 936-261-9800 Fax: 936.261.9826 Email:


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