Positions & Contact Info

Senate Officers: Names: Email:
Senate President Jarrick Brown jarrickbrown@gmail.com
Senate Pro-Tempore
Senate Standing Committees: Names: Email:
Internal Affairs Committee Chair
Internal Affairs Committee Co-Chair
Rules and Administration Committee Chair
Rules and Administration Committee Co-Chair
Appropriations and Finance Committee Chair
Appropriations and Finance Committee Co-Chair
Academic Affairs Committee Chair
Academic Affairs Committee Co-Chair
Student Services and Auxiliary Affairs Service Committee Chair
Student Services and Auxiliary Affairs Service Committee Co-Chair
Select Committee
50 – SGA Senators
The Constituency Senators: Names: Email:
1.    College of Business I- Marketing
2.    College of Business II- Business
3.    College of Arts & Science I- Sciences
4.    College of Arts & Science II- Military Science and ROTC
5.    College of Arts & Science III- Music and Drama
6.    College of Arts & Science IV- Social and Behavioral Science
7.    College of Arts & Science V- Communications and languages
8.    College of Education I- Human Performance
9.    College of Education II- Education
10.    College of Engineering I- Engineering
11.    College of Engineering II- Engineering Technology
12.    College of Engineering III- Computer Science
13.    College of Nursing I- Houston
14.    College of Nursing II- Prairie View
15.    College of Juvenile Justice I- Psychology
16.    College of Juvenile Justice II- Criminal and Juvenile Justice
17.    College of Agriculture and Human Sciences I- Human Sciences
18.    College of Agriculture and Human Sciences II- Agriculture
19.    School of Architecture
20.    Graduate School
21.    Housing I- University College
22.    Housing II- University Village
23.    Housing III- University Village North
24.    Panther Advisor Leaders
25.    Pan-Hellenic Council
26.    Council of Student Organizations
27.    Freshman Class Senator
28.    Sophomore Class Senator
29.    Junior Class Senator
30.    Senior Class Senator
31.    Campus Activities Board
32.    Band
33.    Ministries
Non-Constituency Senators: Names: Email:
34.    External Affairs
35.    Athletics
36.    Health Services
37.    Safety
38.    International Students
39.    Parking
40.    Auxiliary Services
41.    Career Services & Cluster
42.    Alumni Affairs
43.    Information Technology
44.    Community Development
45.    Memorial Student Center
46.    Intramural Sports
47.    Scholarships and Financial Aid
48.    Professional and Departmental Organizations
49.    Parks & Recreation
50.    Human Resources & Student Employment
Ex-officio Positions: Names: Email:
1.    Faculty Senate Liaison
2.    Parliamentarian
3.    Sergeant-at-Arms
4.    Chaplain
5.    Corresponding Secretary
6.    Recording Secretary
7.    Historian


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