About the Legislative Branch

“The student senate shall have the powers to summon, investigate, or question such acts of person or persons that expends monies appropriated be her” (SGA Senate By-Law Section III: c).

“Shall have the power to censure members of the student government- the legislative, executive or judicial branches” (SGA Senate By-Law Section III: d).

“Shall by virtue of these foregoing provisions make such laws for the lawful governance of the student body in general” (SGA Senate By-Law Section III: f).

The Student Senate makes the laws of SGA. They also approve and appropriate all monies from the SGA budget.

Senate President:
Presides over senate sittings. He/she also appoints various students to Senate positions and the chairs of the Senate Standing Committees. Votes in cases of a tie of the Senate.

Senate Pro-Tempore:
A Senator who is the Administrative head of the Senate. Presides over Senate sittings in the absence of the Senate President. Has the legal binding right to declare a Senate position vacant and decides which Standing Committee legislation passes through. Recommends Senators to the Internal Affairs Committee for an immediate investigation.

50 Student Senators:
Identify students’ concerns and formulate student policy. They also handle and distribute all monies within SGA. The student senate is composed of 2/3 elected positions and 1/3 positions appointed by the Executive Vice President.

6 Senate Standing Committees:
All senate business is conducted through the committee system. This includes, Internal Affairs, Rules and Administration, Finance & Appropriations, Academic Affairs, Student and Auxiliary Services, and the Select Committee.

Senate Ex-Officio Positions:
These nonvoting office positions perform and handle different functions of the Student Senate. Such positions include: Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Faculty Senate Liaison, Sergeant at Arms, Parliamentarian, Chaplain, Historian, and etc.