Temporary Hiring Process

 Temporary Hires
Guide and Checklist

To assist departmental hiring officials prepare for and conduct a search for a new temporary hire, these checklists have been prepared to address the various components of this process:  Hiring review panel, Organizing the hiring process, Evaluating applicants, Communicating with applicants, Selecting interviewees, Conducting interviews, Checking references.

Please view the Hiring Process Presentation prepared by office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

Documenting the search are all important hiring authorities’ responsibilities. 

  • Step 1)           
    Each University employee participating in the hiring selection process must be up to date and in compliance with their mandated completion of the TAMUS online training modules of:
    1) “Creating a Discrimination Free Workplace” in addition to module
    2)  “Effective Hiring Practices.” 
    See: https://sso.tamus.edu to select the above training modules for completion.
  • Steps (2-8)        
    Must be completed, recorded & maintained departmentally for each newly hired temporary (faculty, classified and administrative professional) position, for a minimum of (2) calendar years for audit purposes.
  • Step 2) Identification of Hiring Evaluation Panel
    Identify individuals responsible for evaluating and documenting the hiring process, and complete and maintain the list for departmental hiring folder.   A copy of the required standardized form can be accessed by clicking on the link provided.   
    EEO Search Committee Identification Form
  • Step 3) Documentation of Evaluations of All Applications Received
    Complete a Standardized Search Hiring Evaluation Matrix for screening all applications.  During preliminary and post-evaluation stages of the hiring process, be sure to document explicitly why an applicant was screened out and maintain documentation of scoring used for such a determination.  Ensure that all applicants are evaluated on the basis of pre-established criteria related to the job description/posting.  (This will aid in determining whom you will interview).  Maintain a set of completed scored copies the departmental hiring folder.  A copy of the form can be accessed by clicking on the link provided. 
    Standardized Hiring Evaluation Matrix
  • Step 4)        Documenting the Interviews (Telephone & Campus)
    Develop a standard list of (job-related) interview questions by using the Standardized Interview Questionnaire Matrix. All interviewees must be asked the same standard interview questions allowing for individualized follow-up questions as necessary.  All completed and scored Standardized Interview Questionnaire Matrices must be maintained in hiring departmental folder for a minimum of (2) calendar years for audit purposes.  Also, see: “Sample Interview Questions” “Questions NOT to ask during interviews” “Interviewing Job Applicants and the Americans with Disabilities Act.”
  • Step 5)
    Collect all completed interview questions rating sheets, application evaluation matrices; copies of all applications, job description, and reference documentation and maintain in hiring departmental folder for a minimum of (2) calendar years for audit purposes.
    Sample Reference Check Questions

    Confirm with each candidate that references submitted will be checked and when they will be checked.  Be sure to obtain the candidate’s permission to conduct the checks. 
    Determine the questions to ask each reference, (all references must be asked the same questions, allowing for individualized follow-up questions as necessary.  Determine alternative plans for the unavailability of a reference. 

  • Step 6) Close the EEO Hiring Process
    Complete the checklist below to close your temporary departmental file and maintain documentation records for two (2) years from the date of hire:


    • Copy of the Position Description   (ALL Positions)
    • Copies of Advertisements placed (Faculty only)
    • Copy of the Search Hiring Panel List   (All Positions)
    • Copies of All applications received (All positions)
    • Interview Questionnaires with Completed Responses of all the applicants who were interviewed.  (All Positions)
    • Hiring Evaluation Matrix’s completed for all applicants (Pre Interview & Post Interview) or any other quantitative scoring documents.  (All Positions)
    • Questions asked on all Reference Checks and Responses, you received on each check. (All Positions)
    • Any correspondence between you and any of the applicants, including notes, emails, etc.(All Positions) 


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