Mr. Prairie View A&M University 2014 – 2015


Roger Thomas III - Mr Prairie View A&M University 2014-2015Hello, Ni Hao, and Salutations from Prairie View A&M University.

It is truly a pleasure to serve this institution of the first class as Mr. PVAMU. I am excited for the upcoming academic and social year and all the positivity it can yield. I hope that everyone, my fellow academicians, faculty, staff, and those who are reading can find a way to capitalize on this year and truly make the most of it.

As Mr. PVAMU, I believe my role as a student leader is to represent as an agent of social change for the betterment of the student body on PV’ s campus, as  well as abroad. It is important  for the societal evolution of human beings that we question, observe, and seek to improve our life circumstances as a community both locally and globally. This requires us to research and study ourselves so as to enhance our mental, emotional, and social standing  for future generations. All of this is represented in my platform M.U.S.E (Mass Unification through Social Exploration)

I am truly passionate about this topic and other topics that address the betterment of society as a whole. My intent in upcoming seminars and public speaking opportunities will be to push this platform and seek to peak the interest of all that listen. I can say with certainty that all those who entertain this concept will be pleasantly pleased at their own growth and new perception on the world around them.

If you wish to have me speak at any engagement for PVAMU or any other educational/social venue, please don’t hesitate to contact my advisor and  set a date. I would be more than happy to represent my HBCU an all its positive representations proudly.

Thank You and I will see you on “The Hill”

With Panther Pride,

Roger Thomas III

Mr. Prairie View A&M University 2014 – 2015

Advisor: Charles H. Lewter, IV

For scheduled appearances please contact Mr. Charles Lewter, IV

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