Art. IV Advisor

Cheer Squad Handbook: Art. IV Selection of an Advisor

Squads must have at least one advisor in order to remain active. The advisor serves as a source of continuity, program ideas and experience, should be kept abreast of the squads activities by attending all functions and meetings.

•    Advisor is selected by and reports to the Director of Student Activities and Leadership
•    Advisors will be selected from among the active members of the university faculty or staff.
•    Advisors may not serve as the primary advisor for another student organization.

An organizational advisor must:

1.    Be a full-time/staff member of the University
2.    Attend ALL squad meetings, programs and practices.
3.    Sign for authorization to use university facilities
4.    Sign for authorization to sponsor activities and all financial transactions through director.
5.    Provide advisement and proper procedure to the officers and members of the squads.

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