Art. II – Requirements

Cheer Squad Handbook: Art. II – Requirements & Eligibility

  1. Members should be mature, have ethically sound judgment, and a outgoing energetic personality.
  2. Willingness to accept criticism from fellow squad members, advisor and the student body.
  3. Full-time student and maintain a 2.50 accumulative GPA.
  4. Abide by the policies and procedures.
  5. Disclose to the advisor conditions that may interfere with performance (i.e. asthma, back/knee             problems, etc.)
  6. Once a squad member is dismissed or quits, the individual is subject to a review before he or she is      allowed to try out for another season. (All uniforms must be returned immediately).
  7. At the end of each season, squad member uniforms must be returned within five (5) business days or a levy of, $250.00 per uniform, will be charged (added to school fees) to the offending member. 
  8. Provide a copy of a physical examination from a reputable physician stating the ability to satisfactorily  perform the responsibilities given.
  9. Must present proof of Student Accident Insurance from the TAMU System or provide personal insurance.

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