CAB Constitution Art. III – IV

CAB Constitution Art. III – IV


    Section I – Budget

        A. Budget

1. Shall be administered by the Director and Executive Board.
2. Shall be drawn up during the previous Spring Semester for implementation during    the next fiscal year.

        B.  Budgetary Process

1.  Committee Chairpersons shall submit to the Chairperson for committees and              Programs a requested budget covering estimated expenses and income for the          next fiscal year.
2.  The Director shall submit to the Chairpersons a requested executive budget with      estimated expenses for the next fiscal year.
3.  The Executive Board shall compile a budget proposal for review.
4.  The Director shall submit the requested proposed budget for CAB to the Advisor.


        A.  Amendments

1.  This constitution may be amended by a ¾ majority of the voting membership of          the Executive Board providing the amendment has been submitted in writing at          least 10 days prior to the regular meeting in which it comes up for the vote.