CAB Constitution Art. I Sec V

CAB Constitution Art. I Sec V

Section V – Removal from Office/Resignation

A.  Removal of an Officer

1.  Any Executive member may be subject to removal for neglect of responsibilities.
2.  If any voting member is not performing the responsibilities of   his/her position,          any CAB member may bring the matter to the attention of the CAB Director.  In          case of the Director neglecting his/her duties, the matter may be brought to the      attention of the Advisor.
3.  Upon registration of the complaint, the Director and Advisor will investigate the          matter.  In the case of the Director, the Executive Board and Advisor will                   investigate the matter.  If they determine negligence, they will meet and discuss      the matter with the offending Executive Board member, who will then be placed      on a two-week probation period.
4.  If improvement is not made by the end of the two weeks probation period, the          matter will be brought before the executive board for discussion and a vote.
5.  The executive board member involved may be present during discussion of the          Executive Board, but may not be present during the voting.
6.  A 2/3 vote of the total voting membership of Executive Board is necessary for          removal.

B.  Removal of General Membership

1.  Board members may be removed according to the guidelines established by the          Executive Board.
2.  Removed committee members may appeal to the CAB Executive Board.

        C.  Resignation

1.  An officer or chairperson may resign from his/her position with    a letter of              resignation submitted to the Executive Board two weeks in advance of resignation      date.