CAB Constitution Art. I Sec IV.A

CAB Constitution Art. I Sec IV.A

Section IV – Selection of Membership

A.  Selection Board

1.  Shall be composed of CAB Executive Board members and the CAB Director-elect      after being selected.       
2.  Shall be nominated by the Director with 2/3 approval of the Executive Board.
3.  Selection, other than the Spring Selection, may be made by the Executive Board.      Choice to be made by the Director.
4.  In the case of vacancy on the selection board, the CAB Director shall appoint a          replacement, by 2/3 approval of the Executive Board.
5.  Shall be chaired by the Director of CAB, unless a conflict of interest occurs.
6.  All members of the selection board are voting members.
7.  The function of the Selection Board is to interview and select students for the          vacant positions on the Executive Board.
8.  Spring Selection

a.    Shall be done before Spring Fest or in the last 2 weeks of March, or        whichever is earlier.

b.    Selection Board holds interviews for the position of Director and            Chairpersons.
c.    Executive Board-Elect members should attend remaining Executive            Board meetings for the rest of the semester.