CAB Constitution Art. I Sec III.C-D

CAB Constitution Art. I Sec III.C-D

C.  Chairpersons (General)

1.  Shall attend all Cab Executive Board meetings.
2.  Shall be thoroughly familiar with the constitution, by-laws and guidelines of CAB.
3.  Shall be accountable to and evaluated by the Program Chairperson twice per              semester.
4.  Shall keep a definite minimum of 10 CAB hours per week of which at least 7 are      posted regular office hours.
5.  Shall schedule regular weekly committee meetings.
6.  Shall chair and prepare an agenda for committee meetings.
7.  Shall prepare and submit a program proposal form and a proposed budget to the      Executive Board for approval for each proposed program.
8.  Shall have ultimate responsibility for all programs implemented by the committee.
9.  Shall communicate pertinent information from the Executive Board of their              committee members.
10. Shall act as the administrative head and provide leadership and guidance for the      committee members in planning and executing the activities of the committee.
11. Shall orient committee members about the mission of CAB and the responsibilities      of its members.

D.  Committee Members

1.  Shall be accountable to the Chairperson of their committee.
2.  Shall understand and subscribe to the mission statement of CAB.
3.  Shall abide by the policies established by their committee and/or committee              chairperson.

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