CAB Constitution Art. I Sec III.A-B.1

CAB Constitution Art. I Sec III.A-B.1

Section III – Responsibilities of CAB Membership

A.  Executive Board

1.  Shall coordinate the activities of the committees in matters of programming,              training, scheduling and expenditures.
2.  Shall evaluate the activities and programs of the committees.
3.  Shall provide leadership training for the CAB general membership.
4.  Shall approve proposed new standing committees and Ad-Hoc committees by 2/3      votes.
5.  Shall perform a yearly assessment of all committees to determine if the existing         set of committees is meeting the needs of the campus and to modify the set of          committees as necessary.

B.  Officers

1.  Director

a.    Shall act as administrative head of CAB.
b.    Shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Board.
c.    Shall prepare the agenda for all Executive Board meetings.
d.    Shall vote in the case of ties on items of business during all                    executive Board meetings.
e.    Shall be the chairperson of the Spring Fest Committee.
f.     Shall be the CAB representative at the Homecoming Committee.
g.    Shall be the representative, along with the Advisor, to the Student            Fee Allocation Board.
h.    Shall appoint all Ad-Hoc committees with a 2/3 approval of the                Executive Board.
i.     Shall oversee all Ad-Hoc committees.
j.     Shall be the representative of CAB to all external organizational            unless otherwise delegated.
k.    Shall be responsible for all office CAB correspondence.
l.     Shall keep a minimum of 10 CAB hours per week of which 7 hours            are posted regular office hours.
m.   Shall be thoroughly familiar with and implement the constitution,            by-laws, and guidelines of CAB.
n.    Shall meet weekly with the officers to discuss CAB’s present                    problems and to determine the direction of CAB in the future.
o.    Shall be accountable to and evaluated by the advisor at least once            per semester.
p.    Shall assist in the yearly program budget-making process.
q.    Shall delegate responsibilities deemed necessary to the CAB                    Chairpersons, but shall retain ultimate responsibility for action taken.