CAB Application

Campus Activities Board - General Member Application

Joining Campus Activities Board is a great step towards your involvement in the planning and implementation of student programs and activities. Fill out and submit this application as the first stage in the selection process. Best Wishes
    Please select the committee you would like to serve under. This will be your first choice. You will be able to select your second choice in the next section.
    Please select your second committee choice. If you are not selected for your first committee choice, then you will be considered for your second choice.
  • Briefly describe your academic credit load and employment plans for the year.
  • If you were a previous member of CAB, please describe your involvement with your committee as well as any other experiences you have had with CAB.
  • Please describe your role with any other organizations on or off campus.
  • OPTIONAL - Please attach a fun photo of yourself. It could be a photo from your social media profile, a cool selfie from your mobile device, or a professional head shot.

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