Student Affairs Leadership Awards

Recognition Standards Guidelines

3 recognitions are provided for outstanding leadership efforts given by a Student Affairs Team member using an online ballot of peer nomination and short rationale narrative. Highest number of ballots and highest points earned up to 10 total points per each narrative submitted will identify the winning team members for each category. The narrative should not be longer than 125 words but emphasis personality and work characteristics of each award’s honoree namesake. In the case of a tie, Mr. Ransom will offer a vote.

Criteria for each recognition is as follows:

Sanderson Woods Spirit Award – This administrative assistant has offered unyielding team support throughout the year in areas of planning, support services and promoting/advertising of programs. Having served on at least 2 committees, served and/or assisted at 2 or more team member events.

Dean Rita Bland Evans Spirit Award – This professional staff person has offered the most “in a clutch” support rendering customer services above and beyond normal expectancy. This team member despite the busy schedule, found time to serve as at least 1 committee chair, served on 1 committee position, served and/or attended unassigned student programs, as a means of offering SA visibility, served and/or assisted at 2 or more team member events.

Rita Bland Evans Bio:

Mrs. Reda Bland Evans served as the fourth and final Dean of Women at Prairie View A&M University. A native of Goliad Texas, Dean Evans took leadership of this position after the retirement of Mrs. Suarez and served for several decades living in the midst of students in her home along side Drew Hall women’s dormitory and later moved to L.O. Evans faculty living quarters. Dean Evans retired during the 1984-85 school year. While little has been recorded about Dean Evans, it is known that she earned two degrees during her tenure at Prairie View. She was married to a career military officer and reportedly, one of her Junior Fellows was Dr. Clarissa Booker. One former student Dr. Kay Norman remembers, “During my four years as an undergraduate, women had to go to Dean Evans office to get a room assignment, room key, and a meal card. I remember that Dean Evans did not “chit-chat”, she was observant of the appropriateness of your attire, she did her work efficiently, she stayed in her lane, and she would send you “down that road” if she had knowledge that you failed to behave as a student-lady. Dean Evans was a standard as well as a person.

Dean Leroy Marion MVP Award This SA Director has offered stupendous services to the VP and the team. Having served as at least 1 committee chair and 2 or more committee member positions served and/or attended unassigned student programs. Regularly provides viable solutions to issues or concerns; creates an environment conducive to productivity, creativity, and positive influence.

Leroy Marion Bio

Leroy Marion retired Dean of Men at Prairie View A&M University received a B.S. Degree in Agricultural Education and did graduate work in Counseling and Guidance at Prairie View. He worked as a High School Instructor in the Seguin Independent School District, Teacher of Veterans in Agriculture for the Luling Foundation, National Re-employment Service in Illinois and the Municipal Judge for the City of Prairie View, Texas. Like his son Timothy, Dean Marion was a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Former students of Dean Marion remember him as kind but firm, honest and fair-minded. On the one hand, he would tell you exactly what he was thinking; on the other hand, he never missed an opportunity to help students, staff, and faculty alike.

Student Affairs Leadership Awards Voting
Plaques: A hand held size plague is awarded individually and one perpetual recognition plague is currently on display in Associate VP of Student Affairs Office on 3rd Floor of the Rita B. Evans Hall.

Prairie View A&M University Division of Student Affairs

2017 Dean Leroy Marion MVP Award

Kay Norman

Prairie View A&M University Division of Student Affairs

2017 Dean Rita Bland Evans Spirit Award
Yolanda Gross

Prairie View A&M University Division of Student Affairs

2017 Sanderson Woods Spirit Award
Valerie Gibson