Welcome Letter – Rec Sports

We appreciate you visiting the Rec Sports website. You’ll come to know that our Recreation Programs, Intramurals activities, Aquatics and Outdoor Pursuits, and Fitness and Wellness Programs offer something for everyone. We strive to provide the students, faculty and staff of PVAMU with the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational sports activities in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Rec Sports department fosters physical fitness, healthy life style habits and social wellbeing while teaching meaningful life skills, nurturing personal achievement and developing lifelong memories, relationships and a sense of belonging.

Reach out to other Panthers who enjoy recreation by liking us on Facebook or tweet about the latest rec trend topics on Twitter. We look forward to serving your needs as we offer the best of university recreation while fulfilling our mission and goals. Again, thank you for becoming a committed member of Rec Sports

Have Program Ideas? Share them: recsports@pvamu.edu


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