Chairpersons Roster

Ministers Conference Chairman Roster

Year Served Chairperson Denomination
1986 Rev. H.F. Dodson African Methodist Episcopal
1987 Re. Thomas Johnson Church of God in Christ
1988 Rev. S.J. Gilbert Baptist
1989 Rev. W.D. Turner African Methodist Episcopal
1990 Rev. Wille Scott, Sr. Church of God in Christ
1991 Rev. T.L. Dilworth Baptist
1992 Dr. I.C. Gordon African Methodist Episcopal
1993 Rev. A.C. Nelson Church of God in Christ
1994 Rev. G.W. Daniels Baptist
1995 Presiding Elder Johnny E. Jennings African Methodist Episcopal
1996 Supt. Torrence Johnson Church of God in Christ
1997 Rev. F.N. Williams, Sr. Baptist
1998 Dr. Darryl Ingram African Methodist Episcopal
1999 Bishop H.N. Henderson Church of God in Christ
2000 Bishop Marshall Gilmore Christian Methodist Episcopal
2001 Rev. Ralph Douglas West Baptist
2002 Bishop McKinley Young African Methodist Episcopal
2003 Bishop Rufus Kyles Church of God in Christ
2004 Dr. Kenneth W. Carter Christian Methodist Episcopal
2005 Rev. Lloyd H. Crosby Baptist
2006 Bishop Gregory Ingram African Methodist Episcopal
2007 Dr. P.E.W. Byrant Church of God in Christ

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