Expect From the Career Center

Students Can Expect From the Career Center…

  1. Confidentiality: Staff shall maintain the confidentiality of student information, including written records, reports, and computer databases.
  1. Freedom of Choice: Students are entitled to unbiased, objective assistance from Career Center staff in developing a career plan and making career choices.
  1. Access to Services and Events: The only requirement for students to receive/attend Career Center services is registration with the Career Center.
  1. Access to Career Information: All students, regardless of personal or educational background, are provided equal and full access to career-related information, including information on employing organizations and career opportunities. The Career Center staff is committed to informing students of how to obtain information which may influence a student’s career choices.
  1. Testing Information: The Career Center staff will inform students of the availability of testing, purpose of testing, and policies regarding disclosure of test results.

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