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If you need any clarifications and help related to Undergraduate Research (UR), do not hesitate to contact and link up with the following team members by clicking on these links: 


The OUR Manager works with other ORISP’s staff to implement policies, procedures, and activities of UR. Also plan, coordinate, and organize different UR activities with College Council members that work directly with department representatives and students (i.e., faculty, program Coordinators/Directors, and Ambassadors (heads of students’ organizations). For more information, contact: 

 Manager:  Grace T. Abolaji, Ph.D.Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) 

T: (936)261-1565, Email:, Delco 133 


The Council Members Terms of Reference 

  • Faculty or and Director from each college/Research Centers/Programs in PVAMU 
  • Work as a team with the Director in the planning, organizing, and implementing UR activities yearround. 
  • Sensitize and advertise UR to different departments in their various colleges. 
  • Work as a team with organizing seminars, workshops, inter-college competitions, community/industrial/specialized events, etc. 
  • Work as a team with faculty and research staff representative in each college to plan and set guidelines for seminars, workshops, outreach events, symposia, presentations, proposal evaluation criteria, research implementation, collaborations, summer internships, and student abroad/exchange. 

Undergraduate Research Council Members: Faculty/Staff by College/Program 

College/Program  Faculty/Staff  Title  Phone  Email 
College of Agriculture & Human Sciences  Dr. Richard Griffin   Faculty/Research Scientist  936-261-5039 
  Dr. Sela Woldesenebe  Research Specialist  936-261-2530 
  Dr. Peter Ampim  Faculty/Research Scientist  936-261-5096 
College of Arts & Science  Dr. Premkumar Saganti  Physics Coordinator  936 261-3139 
  Dr. Andrea-Ashley Oyewole  Assistant Professor  936-251-3119 
  Dr. Mark Tschaepe  Assistant Professor  936-261-3216  MDTschaepe@PVAMU.EDU 
College of Business  Dr. Baldwin Rick    936 261-9286; 
  Dr. Ojumu, Oluwagbemiga  Research Leader  936 261-9280 
  Dr. Wright, Lloyd  Director, SBDC  936.261.9242 
College of Education  Dr. Andrea McDonald  Assistant Professor  936-261-3915  anmcdonald@PVAMU.EDU 
  Dr. Camille Burnett  Assistant Professor  936-261-3632  csburnett@PVAMU.EDU 
  Dr. Arthur Petterway  Assistant Professor  936-261-3649; 
College of Engineering  Dr. Mohamed Chouikha  Executive Director, SECURE  936-262-1667 
  Dr. Emmanuel Dada  Assistant Professor  936-261-9968 
  Dr. April Lovelady  Assistant Professor  936-251-9962 
College of Architecture  Michael Hurd  Director, TIPHC  936-261-9836 
  Dr. Tiffany Thomas  Professor 
  Dr. Jessica April Ward  Assistant Professor  936)261-9821 
College of Juvenile, Justice & Psychology  Susan Frazier-Kouassi  Director, TJCPC  936.261.5209 
  Dr. Logan Yelderman  Assistant Professor  936-261-5214 
  Dr. Peter Metofe  Assistant Professor  936.261.5224 
College of Nursing  Dr. Philisie Washington  Assistant Professor  713-797-7017 
  Dr. Myra M. DeBose  Assistant Professor  713-797-7024 
  Dr. Vanessa Monroe  Assistant Professor  713-797-7116 
Undergraduate Medical Academy  Dr. Dennis Daniels  Director, UMA  936-261-3073 
  Dr. Max Fontus  Assistant Professor  936-261-3091 
Honors Program  Dr. Quincy Moore  Director, HP  936-261-5221 
Undergraduate Studies  Dr. Affonso Keaton  Dean, UGS  936-261-3166