Fiscal Year 2019

Maestro IDSponsor NamePITitleAwarded AmountAction Start Date
M1900249National Science FoundationLei HuangStrengthen Big Data Analytics Foundation via Interdisciplinary Research among HBCUs499998October 1, 2018
M1900461Joint Admission Medical ProgramDennis DanielsJoint Admission Medical Program FY201912832September 1, 2018
M1803711National Science FoundationSuxia CuiCC* Network Design: Improve Network on Campus for Research and Education in Agriculture, Science, and Engineering at Prairie View A&M University499964August 31, 2018
M1801395Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, KeyportPamela ObiomonElectrical Engineering Senior Design Project-Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle10000October 1, 2017

Fiscal Year 2018

Maestro IDSponsor NamePITitleAwarded AmountAction Start Date
M1802229USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureGary NewtonMicrobiome Research Program Development299982July 1, 2018
M1802259National Science FoundationYolander YoungbloodResearch Initiation Award: Characterization and development of young leaves of Glyphosate Susceptible (GS) Amaranthus palmeri vs Glyphosate Resistant (GR) Amaranthus palmeri after exposure to varying concentrations of acetic acid299968July 1, 2018
M1802907National Science FoundationTyrone TannerBroadening Participation Research: Applying Innovative Students to Broaden the STEM Pipeline350000July 1, 2018
M1802806National Aeronautics And Space AdministrationAwadh BinhazimPAE and PVAMU Partnership-Mentor/Protégé110439June 1, 2018
M1801736Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.Emmanuel NzewiTransportation Accessibility: Personal Mobility Solutions For Rural Communities in Waller County, Texas453757May 15, 2018
M1802985Texas A&M Agrilife Extension ServiceNelson DanielsA Southern Regional Water Conference to Improve Producer Adoption of Sustainable Water Management Practices3800April 1, 2018
M1802112USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureDouglas HermondCyber Security Integration for Cooperative Extension Professionals100000March 15, 2018
M1802112USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureDouglas HermondCyber Security Integration for Cooperative Extension Professionals-100000March 15, 2018
M1802112USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureDouglas HermondCyber Security Integration for Cooperative Extension Professionals98000March 15, 2018
M1802235Baylor College of MedicineHuichen WangSynergistic Study of Radioprotection Mechanisms Between Flies and Human Hippocampal Neurons12464March 1, 2018
M1801989USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureJacquelyn WhiteBuilding capacity within Extension to enhance nutrition and physical activity program delivery among underserved populations/communities ”522712March 1, 2018
M1802983USDA-APHIS-Plant Protection and QuarantineLaura CarsonAg-Discovery Summer Enrichment Program54760.48March 1, 2018
M1802688The 1890 Universities FoundationBilly LawtonBuilding Collaborative Partnerships with Underserved, Limited Resource, Veterans and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Texas74800February 12, 2018
M1801781USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureRaghava KommalapatiEnergy and Nutrient Recovery from Goat Manure by Anaerobic Co-Digestion with Cotton Gin Trash and Food Waste300000February 1, 2018
M1801531USDA-Natural Resources Conservation ServicesRichard GriffinSoil Health Assessment and Monitoring on the PVAMU Farm in East central Texas30000January 27, 2018
M1801396Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, KeyportJianren ZhouMechanical Engineering Senior Design Project-Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles10000January 5, 2018
M1801035USDA-National Institute of Food And AgriculturePaul Johnson“VetLink for Goats50000January 1, 2018
M1801499Texas Office of the Governor-Criminal Justice DivisionCraig EllsworthRifle-resistant Body Armor for the Prairie View A&M University Police Department21824January 1, 2018
M1800655Florida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityHuajun FanConsortium for Materials and Energy Security295625October 1, 2017
M1800049National Science FoundationCajetan AkujuobiSCC-Planning Smart & Connected Rural Communities100000October 1, 2017
M1801167USDA-Natural Resources Conservation ServicesRichard GriffinSoil Health Project on the PVAMU Farm30000October 1, 2017
M1801433Florida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityJohn FullerResearch On the Science and Engineering of Signatures (ROSES)137671October 1, 2017
M1801675USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureJames PalmerCOOPERATIVE EXTENSION FY 2018October 1, 2017
M1800659Travis CountyJacquelyn WhiteTravis County Demonstration Work FY 201810000October 1, 2017
M1801569Corporation for Public BroadcastingJohn HughesRadio Community Service Grant FY18127686October 1, 2017
M1801863University of HoustonMunir QuddusSmall Business Development Center - FY1829693October 1, 2017
M1700596Department of EducationLora WilliamsTITLE III1010707October 1, 2017
M1800112Department of EducationLora WilliamsHBCU Program FY 17-18161462October 1, 2017
M1800110Department of EducationLora WilliamsTitle III SAFRA FY 17-181347964October 1, 2017
M1800111Department of EducationLora WilliamsHBCU Title III FY 17-185140020October 1, 2017
M1800663USDA-Office of Advocacy and OutreachNelson DanielsDeveloping Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers’ Families and Communities200000September 29, 2017
M1801104University of CincinnatiLin LiTrain and Certify Qualified Instructors to Teach CAE's Cybersecurity Curricula38739September 15, 2017
M1802546Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)Seungchan KimNoncoding RNA Biomarkers for noninvasive and Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer55000September 1, 2017
M1801383Department of Transportation-Federal Highway AdministrationJudy Perkins2017 Dwight D Eisenhower HBCU Transportation-Fowler10000September 1, 2017
M1801385Department of Transportation-Federal Highway AdministrationJudy Perkins2017 Eisenhower HBCU Transportation Fellowship-Uhiara7500September 1, 2017
M1800472Texas Higher Education Coordinating BoardRalph PerriTEXAS Grant 2018 - 201810582069September 1, 2017
M1800477Texas Higher Education Coordinating BoardRalph PerriFifth Year Accounting 2017 - 20187672September 1, 2017
M1800475Texas Higher Education Coordinating BoardRalph PerriTop Ten Percent 2017 - 201815000September 1, 2017
M1800052National Science FoundationLijun QianHBCU-RISE: Bridging Quantitative Science with Biological Research: Jumpstarting Computational Systems Biology Research at PVAMU1000000September 1, 2017
M1800093National Science FoundationAnanda AmarasekaraCBET: A two step chemocatalytic conversion of cellulosic biomass to hydrocarbon biofuels315000September 1, 2017
M1800082National Science FoundationOrion CiftjaBreakdown of Rotational Invariance in Quantum Hall Systems with Anisotropic Interaction200000September 1, 2017
M1801709Texas A&M Agrilife ResearchAli FaresIntegrated Approach to Develop, Test, and Disseminate Optimum Water and Nutrient Management Practices for a Sustainable Environment in a Changing Climate. FY1857190September 1, 2017
M1801891University of HoustonRichard GriffinFrom Discovery to Market - Integrating Interdisciplinary Skills through a Collaborative Research-based Lab Curriculum6990September 1, 2017
M1800612National 4-H CouncilDawn BurtonTexas Heroes 4-Health51000September 1, 2017
M1801882Texas A&M Agrilife Extension ServiceRukeia Draw-HoodTexas A&M AgriLife Extension Service & Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension Sustainable Community Project - Growing U37770September 1, 2017
M1802303Purdue UniversityNoel EstwickDeveloping a Mechanism for 1890 Involvement in EDEN20000September 1, 2017
M1801138Joint Admission Medical ProgramDennis DanielsJAMP FY201812947September 1, 2017
M1702542Intel CorporationPamela ObiomonIntel HBCU Grant216666.67August 17, 2017
M1800172National Science FoundationNa LiSub with University of Tennessee Developing Innovative Privacy Learning Modules to Engage Students in Cybersecurity EducationAugust 15, 2017
M1800141Texas Office of the Governor-Criminal Justice DivisionBernadine DuncanVictim's Assistance: College Initiative222984.77August 1, 2017
M1800467Department of EducationRalph PerriFederal PELL 2017-201810000000July 1, 2017
M1800462Department of EducationRalph PerriFederal SEOG 2017-20181621641July 1, 2017
M1800468Department of EducationRalph PerriFederal TEACH 2017 - 20182500July 1, 2017
M1800464Department of EducationRalph PerriFederal CWS 2017-20181446422July 1, 2017
M1800105Alcorn State UniversityAlfred ParksFactors Impacting Access to and Participation in Farm Bill Programs by Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers49995June 15, 2017
M1801580Michael J. Fox FoundationSeungchan KimPre-analytical extracellular vesicle enrichment for increased reliability for alpha-synuclein detection in plasma and CSF12500March 1, 2017
M1800744University of Texas-ArlingtonFelix ChimaThe Recovery to Practice initiative (RTP)5647.5February 27, 2017
M1801236Various-Private ProfitJames PalmerCARC Program Income Evans Allen FY20170October 1, 2016
M1800486USDA-National Institute of Food And AgricultureCarolyn WilliamsFY 2017 Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program225021October 1, 2016
M1800481Texas Higher Education Coordinating BoardRalph PerriTexas Grant 2016 - 2017126532September 1, 2016
M1800481Texas Higher Education Coordinating BoardRalph PerriTexas Grant 2016 - 201710495706September 1, 2016
M1700408Department of EducationRalph PerriFederal PELL 2016-20179823460July 1, 2016
M1700407Department of EducationRalph PerriFederal College Work Study 2016-20171446422July 1, 2016
M1700409Department of EducationRalph PerriFederal TEACH 2016-20176990July 1, 2016