Project Administration

Provides expertise and assistance to the researcher throughout the life of the award to ensure compliance with federal Uniform Guidance, sponsor guidelines, and system requirements.

  1. Setups projects in Maestro and FAMIS by entering deliverables, terms and conditions of the award, budgets, restrictions, etc. and ensuring all research compliance issues are resolved.
  2. Monitors project by approving all associated costs on each project to ensure the allow-ability, allocability and reasonableness of costs, budget availability and that applicable regulation and procedures are followed at all levels of administration. Prepares and creates budget transfers, costs transfers and extension requests.
  3. Monitors sub recipient’s programmatic and financial activities as required by federal regulation. Reviews documentation for request for payment and Initiates the request for payment for sub recipients.
  4. Starts the closeout process on all awards and sub recipient awards by ensuring that all final reports are completed, sent and uploaded in Maestro.