2. Complete an Intent to Submit Proposal Form

In order to initiate a proposal, you will need to submit an Intent to Submit Proposal form.  If you should need assistance with this form, please contact a Proposal Administrator.  This form will provide the Proposal Administrator with the information needed to log your proposal in Maestro.  Logging your proposal in MAESTRO allows the administrator to task you with completing the compliance, reporting code and cost sharing screens required to initiate routing to the appropriate University personnel for approvals.  It is recommended that this form be completed as soon as you are aware of the submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Proposals MUST receive ALL administrative approvals in MAESTRO prior to final submission to the sponsor.  This requires certain documents to be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) three weeks prior to the proposal submission deadline.  See Step 5 “Submit Proposal to OSP.

For expedited services, as indicated on the form, please provide the URL of the program solicitation.  If unavailable, please email the solicitation information to a Proposal Administrator.