Exposure to an infectious Agent

If personnel are exposed to an infectious agent, recombinant DNA or biological toxin, they should do the following:

Call for help from emergency medical services (EMS) for serious injuries, multiple injuries or other medical emergencies.

  • For the great majority of PVAMU campus phones, dial 9-1-1.
  • If calling from a cell phone, dial 9-1-1.

Relay as many details as possible about the situation (E.g. Names of persons, Names of pathogens or chemicals involved, Types of injuries). Stay on the line with the 911 operator until you are instructed to hang up.

Call for help from the PVAMU RMS team for large spills of biohazardous materials:

  • During normal work hours: RMS @ 936-261-1743
  • After work hours/nights/weekends/holidays: UPD @ 936-261-1375

Depending on the nature of the emergency (spills, etc.) you may need to notify first responders (colleagues, EMS, UPD) that it could be necessary to control or contain infectious materials in the area or on the individual before emergency medical care can be given. Direct any first responders to contact the Office of Risk Management and Safety (RMS) at 936-261-1743 for assistance.  After hours, RMS can be reached via UPD at 936-261-1375.

Report all accidents and injuries, including emergency situations involving serious injury, exposure, or after-hours incidents, to your supervisor IMMEDIATELY.

As soon as possible after the incident is under control, contact the Office of Risk Management and Safety at 936-261-1743 for further instructions and follow-up.