Semiannual Review of Animal Care and Use Program

    1. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is required by §2.31 (c)(1,2) of AWAR  and IV.B.1,2 of the PHS Policy and Chapter 1 of the AG Guide to conduct semiannual evaluations of the Institution’s program for the humane care and use of animals.
    2. To ensure that the animal care and use activities under the oversight of the IACUC meet federal and institutional regulations and policies, the IACUC will review the institution’s program on a semiannual basis.
    3. This describes the procedure for conducting those inspections and reporting the findings from those inspections.
    1. AWAR Section §2.31.c.1, 3
    2. PHS Policy 111.B.1
    3. AG Guide, Chapter 1
    1. Semiannual Program Review is conducted at a semiannual meeting of a quorum of the voting IACUC members. The Program for the humane care and use of animals is evaluated based on the NIH semiannual program review checklist or other guidelines deemed adequate for the appropriate evaluation of the program.
    2. Prior to the meeting, the IACUC Chair assigns portions of the review to members of the committee. The member(s) review their assigned areas and may collaborate prior to the meeting to prepare comments on the review.
    3. The semiannual program review may be conducted in any manner the IACUC deems is satisfactory to provide appropriate review of those components of the animal care and use program necessary to evaluate compliance with regulations and policies.
    4. The members assigned to each area present their comments for discussion and consideration by the IACUC.  The IACUC decides upon the content of the comments for the review, determines recommended actions to resolve any deficiencies noted, indicates what actions should be taken to address the deficiencies in the program and determines a timetable for the corrections. This process may be modified or replaced with another as the IACUC deems appropriate.
    5. The IACUC reports their findings including deficiencies and suggestions for improvement to the Institutional Official (IO) in accordance with federal regulations and guidelines.  If deficiencies are noted in the semiannual program review, the IACUC will distinguish significant, major and minor deficiencies and include a reasonable and specific plan and schedule with dates for correcting each deficiency. The report is reviewed and signed by a majority of the IACUC members, and includes any minority views about the program.
    6. The report to the IO is submitted not more than sixty days following IACUC review and approval.  Copies of the reports are maintained in the Office of Research Compliance and are made available to federal agencies, officials of federal funding agencies, accreditation organizations, and other agencies as deemed appropriate by the Institution.



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