Committee Actions


This describes actions taken by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

    1. TAMU 15.03.99.M0.01 Use of Animals in Research, Teaching and Testing
    2. PHS Policy IV
    3. USDA AWAR 9 CFR Ch. 1 §2.31
    1. The IACUC is responsible for making decisions regarding review of animal activities in accordance with applicable federal and institutional regulations and policies.
    2. As a result of its initial or continuing review, or review of requests for modifications, the IACUC may decide to approve, disapprove or request modifications to the proposed research, teaching or testing activity involving animals.
    3. Approval: If the protocol, amendment, or transfer are approved, animal activities including acquisition, housing and use, or modification of approved animal activities may commence on the day of the approval.
    4. Request for modifications to gain Approval: If modification or revisions of a protocol or protocol amendment is required for IACUC approval, the Research Compliance staff will draft protocol deliberation and submit it to the Principal Investigator (Pl) via email. The Principal Investigator (Pl) is required to provide the IACUC with the revisions or additional information within 30 days of receipt of the deliberations.
    5. Disapproval: If the protocol or amendment fails to meet one or more criteria used by the IACUC for approval of research, and the IACUC determines that it cannot be considered for approval, the AUP or amendment may be disapproved. The Pl must submit the proposed work to be considered.  In the case of amendments, the IACUC may determine that the amendment represents such a significant change from the original AUP that it disapproves and requires a new AUP.
    6. Decisions of the IACUC at convened meetings are evidenced by either voice vote or show of hands as requested by the Chair or presiding officer. Votes are recorded in the meeting minutes. Abstentions or minority views are recorded in the meeting minutes.
    1. The Pl is promptly notified of decisions by the IACUC.
    2. Electronic copies are provided to the PI, the grant processing office, when applicable, and any other concerned persons or units.

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