Export Control Training

PVAMU’s current Export Control Training Plan: 

Export Controls & Embargo Training (2111212)

Basic Course delivered via TrainTraq is required for all University employees. University employees with managerial or supervisory authority over Foreign Persons or projects involving Controlled Information or Controlled Physical Items are required to take the basic export control online training course at least once every two years.

International Safety Training (2111728)

Delivered via TrainTraq is required for all PVAMU faculty, staff and students traveling to a foreign country, including Mexico. Requested trips will not be approved if the course has not been completed.

Technology Control Plan Training (2111873)

Delivered via TrainTraq is required for all personnel identified on proposed Technology Control Plans processed through PVAMU’s ECO. Training must be completed at least every two years for the life of the project.


Questions about export control training or export controls should be directed to the Research Compliance Office at 936.261.1553