International Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering (IJESE)

This journal will be issued by the Texas Gulf Coast Environmental Data (TEXGED) Center, Roy G. Perry College of Engineering, Prairie View A&M University, USA in collaboration with the Center of Research and Studies of Protectorates, Ain Shams University, Egypt. The journal will be published quarterly (i.e. four issues per year).

The TEXGED Center, USA is a center for research and knowledge related to environmental issues that have affect primarily on the Gulf of Mexico region surrounding the State of Texas and surrounding coastal states of the southern region of the United States of America. However, the center is also concerned about global environmental issues such as global climatic change, monitoring of global warming, sustainable development, conservation, and engineering issues that have consequences on the environment and ecosystems of the world. Further, the Center of Research and Studies of Protectorates, Ain Shams University in Egypt is a specialized center with research activities related to conservation, environmental management, protection of natural areas, declaring protected areas, and study of consequences of global environmental issues.

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