Prairie View A&M University Hosts Industry Day 2016

Industry Day Logo with PV logoIndustry Day 2016 provided an opportunity for those in industry to learn more about the innovative projects and capabilities of the researchers here at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU).  Nearly 140 business representatives, TAMUS and PVAMU faculty, staff and students registered to attend the event which provided insight about the process and opportunities for partnering to develop new and exciting technologies for commercialization. Take a minute to browse through our research magazine ReView: Research Excellence at the View to get a peek at some of the ground-breaking research we are conducting at Prairie View A&M University.

The keynote address for the event was provided by 2016 National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee Dr. Victor Lawrence.  Lawrence spoke on several topics regarding future use of the internet, including cyber security and the importance of protecting ourselves from cyber attacks. CBS News states, “While Lawrence himself might not necessarily be a household name, his invention of signal processing in telecommunications has had far-reaching impact. An electrical engineer who spent the majority of his career at Bell Laboratories, Lawrence’s work essentially made the modern Internet we know today possible. He improved Internet transmission, made high-speed connections more widely available, and kick-started the spread of the web globally.”

The Honorable Frank Jackson, Mayor of the City of Prairie View shared the enthusiasm with which the city is awaiting the development of the new PVAMU Innovation Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Program (ICEP).  The new ICEP center will provide space, guidance and partnering opportunities for those interested in developing and commercializing their products.  Dr. Cajetan M. Akujuobi, Vice President of Research, and Dean of Graduate Studies stated there are at least 10 companies that have expressed interest in collaborating with PVAMU ICEP.

Research projects and research interests were presented by each of the colleges and The School of Architecture. The list of Industry Day 2016 business representatives is noted below.
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 Industry Day 2016 Companies and Agencies

Avaya Inc.
AVP Partners
Camp Cruise Ent.
City of Prairie View
Holiday Inn
International Park of Creativity
Metters Laboratory Inc.
Norfalia Carabali Foundation
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
Prevention Science Corp. (PSC)
Procomputing Corporation
Sam Houston State University
Sam Houston State University Economic Development Initiatives
Shofar Transportation
Strategic Partnerships, Inc.
Texas Department of Agriculture
Texas Workforce Solutions
Texas A&M University System
The Gordian Group