Records Management Forms

Two separate forms are required for record disposition. They are;

Record Disposition Log

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Record Disposition Log is necessary for both records that have been designated as archival records and for records that have been approved for destruction per the Retention Schedule.

  • If a record is being sent to the archives for preservation, then it is necessary only to record this in the Disposition Log.
  • If a record has been approved for destruction, then it has to be recorded in both the Disposition log and in the Destruction Form.
  • Important: You must send a copy of the completed Disposition Form to the University Records Officer, Paula Sandles and retain the original form in the department for future reference.

Instructions for filling out the Record Disposition Log:

Step 1. Enter the Records Series Title from Field 6 of the Records Retention Schedule.

Step 2. Enter the total retention period from Field 7 of the Records Retention Schedule.

Step 3. Enter the beginning and ending dates of the records.

Step 4. Indicate the appropriate method of final disposition:

A — Archives (Archival Code in Field 9 of the Retention Schedule)

R — Recycle.

S – Shred*

T – Toss for trash pick-up.


Step 5. The Department Head authorizing disposition of the records series signs the log.

Step 6. After the log is completed and the signature authorizing disposition has been obtained, dispose the records as approved. Enter the volume of the records in number of boxes and record the actual date of records disposition.

Step 7. Keep the original completed records disposition log in the department and forward a copy to Paula Sandles at A.I. Thomas Building, Room 119.

Record Destruction Form

Forms [ .PDF ] [ .DOC ]

Once the records have met their retention period and have been approved for destruction, Record Destruction Form must be completed and signed by authorized personnel.

    • The record Destruction form is necessary to record the destruction process as evidence of lawful destruction.
    • This form documents the destruction of public records in accordance with the system regulations 61.99.01and the Texas Government Code§441.180.
    • Important: You must ensure that once the destruction takes place, the completed original destruction forms are sent to the University Records Officer, Paula Sandles and copies of the completed forms are maintained at the department.

Instructions for filling out the Record Destruction Form:

  1. Fill in your department name, address, phone number, date, and the total number of boxes to be destroyed.
  1. Place a unique number on each box and write that same number in the “User Box #”column.
  1. Locate a description of your records in the Records Retention Schedule and enter the Agency Item Number (Records Retention Schedule Field #5) that corresponds with the records series in the column labeled “Retention Schedule Agency Item #” of the form.
  1. Enter the description of the records (Records Retention Schedule Field # 6) in the “Description of Records” column.
  1. Fill in the “Inclusive Dates” of the records for each box. Please include month and year.
  1. Fill in the “Retention Period” (Record Retention Schedule Field #7) listed for the records in the Records Retention Schedule.
  1. Fill in the “Medium” of the records (for example, P=paper, E=Electronic, etc.).
  1. The Department Records Coordinator and the Department Head must sign the form.
  1. The completed original Records Destruction form must be forwarded to the University’s Records Officer Paula Sandles, A.I. Thomas Building, Room # 116.
  1. A Copy of the completed Record Destruction form should be kept by Department’s Records Coordinator in the department for reference.


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