Disposition of State Records

Records listed in the System Record Retention Schedule can be disposed of in one of two ways:

  1. Archival Preservation: If a record is designated as an archival record in the Record Retention Schedule, that record has to be preserved and placed in the university archives.
An archival state record is of enduring value that will be preserved on a continuing basis by the Texas State Library and Archives commission or another state agency (Texas Government Code §441.180).
    1. Field – 9 of the Retention Schedule, indicates the archival codes for records.
    1. Contact Ms. Phyllis Earles, the University Archivist, if you have documents that should be archived.  She can be reached by phone at 936-261-1516 or by e-mail plearles@pvamu.edu.
  1. Destruction: This is the most common way to dispose of a record. If a record is in the Record Retention Schedule and has met the retention period then it should be destroyed in a timely manner.

This process has to be approved and documented using the Record Destruction Forms and Record Disposition Logs.

** However, records cannot be destroyed if any litigation, claims, negotiations, audits, open records requests or administrative review is pending! **

Steps for Destruction of Records:

  1. Identify records that have met the retention period and that they are not archival records.
  2. Inform the University Records Officer, Paula Sandles (pgsandles@pvamu.edu), of upcoming destruction.
  3. Make sure all administrative reviews are complete and there are no open records requests, litigation, claims, negotiations, or audits pending.
  4. Complete the Records Disposition Log and Destruction Form and obtain the appropriate signature(s).
  5. Obtain witness signature on the Destruction Form.
  6. Confidential records must be destroyed in a manner that ensures the confidentiality of the records. These records either should be cross shredded or burned.
  7. Make copies of the completed disposition log and destruction forms. Keep the copies in the department for reference and send the original to the University Records Officer, Paula Sandles, at Alvin I. Thomas Building, Suite 116.

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