Dr. Tian-Sen Huang


Dr. Tian-Sen Huang, Director


Tian-Sen Huang


  1. Professional Preparation

University of California, LA       Physics                  Master             1982

University of California, LA       Physics                  Ph.D.               1985

University of California, LA       Res. Assoc.     Jovian Magnetosphere            1986 –– 1986

Rice University    Res. Assoc.     Space Plasma Physics             1986 –– 1989

NASA/GSFC        NRC Fellow    Space Plasma Physics             1989 –– 1991

  1. Appointments

Prairie View A&M University/Solar Observatory         Director                    2000 –– present

Prairie View A&M University/Physics Department      Faculty                     1993 –– 2000

NASA/GSFC/USRA                                                     Research Scientist    1991 –– 1993

  1. Synergistic Activities

(1) Established and lead a research group studying space plasma, solar physics, and fusion plasma at Prairie View A&M University.

(2) Constructed the Prairie View Solar Observatory in 1998 and maintained continuously a daily observation.

(3) Built a fusion plasma lab that has two rotamak devices, and an electric spray lab with an electrospray/mass spectrometer device.

(4) Member of NASA/New Millennium Program/Space Technology 5 Program team for science.

(5) Guided group to complete a computer simulation code for the coupling of ionosphere and magnetosphere in realistic Earth-space magnetic field as well to develop one kinetic theory applied for both space plasma and fusion plasma.

(6) Trained more than one hundred minority students with research experiences in space science, solar observation, and fusion plasma physics.

  1. Collaboration & Other Affiliations

(1) Collaborators

Michael Heinemann, Air Force Research Lab

Richard Wolf, Rice University

James Slavin, NASA/GSFC

(2) Postdoctoral associates and research assistants

Wing Ho, American Airline

Yuri Petrov, Prairie View A&M University

Philippe Le Sager, Harvard University

Sorin Pojoga, University of Texan/M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Fangchuan Zhong, Shanghai Scientific and Technology University

Eugene Romashets, Lone Star College

Xiaokang Yang, Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.

Saeid Houshmandyar, Lone Star College

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