Scheduling A Tour

How do I change my orientation date?
Students/parents must call the office at 936-261-1035.

How do I schedule a full campus tour?
You would need to speak with the Recruitment Office to schedule and date and time at 936-261-1081. During NSO, we will provide a very mini scaled down tour.

Transfer Students

New Student Orientations for Transfer Students

  • New students attending the university and transferring in no less than 15 hours should attend an orientation session for transfer students.  In conjunction with services provided under What Happens at NSO, the following will be available:
  • Visit your respective colleges for class advisement and registration
    Career Services presentation
    Housing information
    Depending on the hours transferring into the university, transfer student may not have to take the THEA Test.  To verify your status, call the Testing Center at 936-261-3610

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