Does the University offer Transfer Scholarships?

Yes. One can find more information about the University’s Julius Parker, Jr. Transfer Scholarship program is available at Scholarships


If I have an outside scholarship, what do I need to do?

Provide the check to the scholarship office. Once the information has been received the award adjustment will be processed if necessary.

What is PVAMU’s tax ID number?

PVAMU’s tax ID number is: 74-6001078

What scholarships does PVAMU offer?

Types of Scholarships
OSFA Scholarships
Hazlewood Exemption for Texas Veterans
Private Scholarships
Scholarship Alerts
College and Departmental Scholarships

Why do I have to complete the Statement of Student Compliance with Selective Service Registration Form?

According to Texas Education Code section 51.9095, an individual may not receive a loan grant, scholarship, or other financial assistance funded by state revenue, including federal funds or gifts and grants accepted by this state, or receive a student loan guaranteed by this state or the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, unless the individual files a statement of the student’s selective service status with the institution or other entity granting or guaranteeing the financial assistance as required by this section.
Please note, according to federal law, international students (foreign males) between the ages of 18 and 25 living in the United States are required to register with selective service. International students without Social Security Numbers must go to your local post office and complete the Selective Service card and mail it to the Selective Service Office.
Hence, all students are required to complete the Statement of Student Compliance with Selective Service.

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