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The objective of the nuclear engineering Panther Pipeline Project (PPP) is to introduce students to the fundamentals of nuclear engineering and radiation science. It is designed to provide the students with a scope of the field and career opportunities in it. The program offers courses, seminars and field trips that give students a flavor of nuclear sciences and its related fields.

The Panther Pipeline Program strives to offer education and research opportunity in some of the issues at the forefront of nuclear science and technology. This includes nuclear engineering, medical physics, space, nuclear materials, advance energy systems and environmental fields.

In addition to the more traditional engineering disciplines (Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical), the field of nuclear engineering is a new addition to university educational programs.  The nuclear engineering concentration is an interdisciplinary, multi-college effort to provide our students an opportunity to pursue careers in nuclear science and engineering. The introduction of nuclear engineering concentration at PVAMU is an endower at an ABET accredited, nationally recognized HBCU, to provide opportunity to the "pioneering" individuals of our esteemed institution. With the renaissance of the nuclear power we invite the engineers of the future to join the revolution for a bright future.


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Panther Pipeline Program

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