Travel Advances


50.02         Travel Advances                                                                    Issued: May 15, 1998
                                                                                                               Updated:  November 5, 1999
                                                                                                               Updated: November 3, 2000

1.     Authorized Travel Advances

        It is University policy to allow Travel Advances in the following situations:

        a.     Travel with students
        b.     Travel to recruit students
        c.     International Travel

        Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the President.  

2.     Student Travel Advances

        Generally, travel advances will not be issued directly to a student. If, however, the
        University determines that there is a justifiable need, a travel advance may be issued subject
        to the following requirements:

        a.     All forms must be completed and approved in the same manner as for employees.
        b.     The President must approve the travel and the travel advance.
        c.     The travel must be paid from a local account
        d.     The travel advance will be recorded in the budget head’s name and they will be held
                responsible for ensuring that the funds are properly used and accounted for.

3.     Travel Advance Requests

        3.1    Employees desiring a travel advance must complete a Travel/Non-Travel Advance
                 Request form and submit it with their Travel/Leave Request form for approval and
                 standard process (see Section 50.01 for procedures).

        3.2   The approved Travel/Leave Request form and the Travel/Non-Travel Advance
                Request form are routed to the Controller for policy compliance verification and approval.
                If approved, the documents are forwarded to the Travel Office for processing; if
                disapproved, the documents are returned to the requesting department.

        3.3   The Travel Office verifies that the traveler has cleared all prior travel advances before
                forwarding to Treasury Services Office for check generation. If the employee has an
                outstanding advance, the employee is contacted and their request for an advance is
                held by the Travel Office until the prior advance is cleared.

4.     Clearing Travel Advances

        4.1   Within five working days after the trip, the employee should submit a properly
                 completed and approved Travel Reimbursement Voucher to the Travel Office.

        4.2   If the Travel Reimbursement Voucher is not sufficient to clear the travel advance, the
                Traveler must submit to the Cashier’s Office sufficient payment to clear the advance.
                The traveler should contract the Travel Office to obtain the receivable number of the
                travel advance to ensure proper receipting of the funds.

        4.3   The above notwithstanding, all advances must be cleared with 10 business days after
                return of from the trip.

5.     Penalties for Non-payment of Travel Advances

        Travel advances which are not cleared within 10 business days after the trip will be 
        deemed to be delinquent.  The following penalties will be imposed on all travelers with
        delinquent advances:

        5.1    No further  advances will be approved. 

        5.2    Direct payment of travel vendors (i.e. lodging, rental car, airfare) will not be approved.

        5.3    The applicable vice presidents will be notified of employees with delinquent advances
                  that are not cleared with 30 days of trip.  

        5.4    The President will be notified of employees with delinquent advances that are not
                  that are not cleared within 60 days of trip.

6.    Forms

       Copies of forms and preparation instructions are provided in the Travel Manual.  

Contact:     Travel Coordinator

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