Tuition Rebates for Certain Undergraduates


70.14    Tuition Rebates for Certain Undergraduates                                           Issued: June 1, 2000

1.    Program Description

Section 54.0065 of the Texas Education Code provides for the rebate of up to $1,000 of undergraduate tuition to students who meet the eligibility criteria established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (see Chapter 13, Subchapter F of THECB Rules).

2.    Eligibility Criteria

        To be eligible for tuition rebates under this program, students must meet the following criteria:

        2.1    Enrolled for the first time at an institution of higher education in the Fall 1997 semester or later.

        2.2    Requested rebate is for work related to a first baccalaureate degree received from a

                 public university.

        2.3    A resident of

Texas .

        2.4    Attempted all course work at a

Texas public institution of higher education.

        2.5    Entitled to pay resident tuition at all times while pursuing the degree.

        2.6    Attempted no more than three hours in excess of the minimum number of semester credit hours
                 required to complete the degree under the catalog under which they were graduated.

3.    Definitions

3.1    Attempted Hours – include transfer credits, course credit earned exclusively by examination, courses that are dropped after the official census date, for-credit developmental courses, optional internship and cooperative education courses, and repeated courses. Courses dropped for reasons that are determined by the University to be totally beyond the control of the student  shall not be counted.

4.    Tuition Rebate Calculations

        The tuition rebate shall be the lesser of the amount of undergraduate tuition paid to the University or
        $1,000. Adjustments to the rebate will be made as follows:

4.1    If the student paid less than $1,000 in undergraduate tuition to the University, any undergraduate tuition they paid to another

Texas public institution of higher education will be considered in the above calculation, if the student can provide documentation of said payment.

4.2    If the student has an outstanding loan owed to or guaranteed by the State, the student’s rebate will be applied first to the repayment of the loan and the residual, if any, will be remitted to the student.

5.    Student Notification

The Registrar’s Office shall ensure that all students are properly notified of the tuition rebate program by publishing appropriate notices in the University’s Undergraduate Catalog and Course Schedules.

6.     Application Procedures

6.1    Students interested in applying for the tuition rebate shall complete the Tuition Rebate Application Form (Attachment 1) and submit it to the Registrar’s Office for processing at the time application for graduation is made.

6.2    Upon receipt of the application, the Registrar’s Office will review the student’s transcript and residency information to verify that the student meets all of the eligibility criteria contained in section 2, above. If the criteria are not me, the student’s application will be denied and returned to the student with the appropriate explanation for denial. If the eligibility criteria are met, the Registrar’s Office will forward the application to the Treasury Services Office for calculation of the rebate.

6.3    The Treasury Services Office will calculate the amount of tuition rebate due to the student and  issue a check in the amount of the approved rebate. A tuition rebate credit will be posted to the student’s fee account in the Student Information System (SIS+).

6.4    If the student has an outstanding student loan due to the State, a manual check will be issued and mailed to the appropriate entity responsible for the loan. A check will be issued to the student for the amount of rebate due to them and it will be mailed along with the approved application to the student.

6.5    A copy of the approved application will be returned to the Registrar.

7.    Disputes and Appeals

If a student disputes the decision on eligibility or tuition rebate calculation, they may appeal the University decisions as follows:

        7.1    Appeals Administrator

All disputes involving eligibility determinations shall be appealed to the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services. All disputes involving rebate calculations shall be appealed to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

        7.2    Appeals Submission

The student wishing to appeal a decision must submit a written appeal in letter form and attach  all appropriate documentation to the appropriate appeals administrator. Upon request, the appeals administrator will meet with the student to allow them the opportunity to discuss their appeal.

        7.3    Appeals Criteria

                 The sole basis for consideration of the appeal by the appeals administrator will be compliance
                  with the applicable THECB rules. Requests for exceptions to the rules or appeals based on
                  any other factor will be promptly denied.

        7.4    Response to Appeal

The appeals administrator will respond to the student’s appeal within 10 days of the receipt of the appeal or the meeting with the student, whichever is later. The ruling of the appeals administrator will be final and no further appeal will be granted to the student.

8.    Reporting

       The Fiscal Office will prepare all required reports for the THECB and the Legislature on tuition rebates.

Contacts:    Registrar
                  Asst. Vice President for Fiscal and Administrative Services


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