Student Employment


70.11         Student Employment                                                                        Issued: May 15, 1998
                                                                                                                      Updated: June 16, 2000

1.    General

        1.1    Definition of Student

                 For purposes of this procedure, a student is defined to be anyone who is enrolled for 6 credit
                 hours or more.

        1.2    Limitations and Requirements

                 1.2.1    Anyone to be employed in a position with a student title code must be processed on a 
                             Student Form 500 through the Student Employment Office.
                             {Note: this excludes Graduate Assistant positions.)

                 1.2.2     Anyone enrolled less than 6 hours who is to be employed in a position with a non-
                              student title code may be employed on a regular Form 500 through the University’s
                              Personnel Office.

                 1.2.3     Anyone enrolled more than 6 hours may not be employed in a position with a non-
                              student title code.  These individuals must be employed on a student Form 500
                              through the Student Employment Office.

2.     Hiring Procedures

        2.1   Departments employing students are required to fill out a Student
                Employment Departmental Job Request Form on an annual basis and
                submit it to the Student Employment Office. This form requires the
                following information:

                a.     the number of positions available
                b.     the number of positions (work-study and student hourly) needed
                c.     a brief job description
                d.     the work hours required

        2.2   The Student Employment Office posts the job information provided by
                employing departments. Students expressing an interest in a posted position
                are provided a Job Interview Card and directed to the employing department.
                [Note: Students without a Job Interview Card should not be interviewed.]

        2.3   It is recommended that at least three (3) students for a position be interviewed.
                Once the selection for employment has been made, the employing department
                must complete the employer section of the Job Interview Card and have the
                student take it to the Student Employment Office. [Note: For student hourly
                workers, a student hourly employment letter must accompany the Job
                Interview Card.]

        2.4   Once the Student Employment Office has approved the recommended hire, the
                student will be provided the following documents to take to their employing
                department for appropriate processing:

                a.     Authorization for Form 500
                b.     Student Employment Contract
                c.     Work Schedule Form
                d.     Time Card

                The Authorization for Form 500, the Student Employment Contract and the
                Work Schedule Form must be completed, signed and returned to the Student
                Employment Office. A copy should be retained by the employing department
                and a copy provided to the student. The Time Card must be completed on a
                daily basis and signed on a monthly basis by both the student and their

3.     Work Hours Per Week

        3.1   Total work hours per week are contingent upon the amount awarded. During
                the Fall and Spring semesters, an undergraduate student may not work in
                excess of 20 hours per week in any week that classes are scheduled,
                including final examination week, unless prior approval is granted to the
                hiring department by the Student Employment Office. [Note: Undergraduate
                students may work 40 hours per week between semesters, contingent
                upon the available funding.]
Graduate students may work up to 40 hours
                per week.

        3.2   Work-study hours are limited based upon the amount of the award and
                the hourly rate of pay. Students may not exceed their work-study award
                amount and must stop working for their employing department once they
                exhausted their award amount.

4.     Work Schedule

        A student’s work schedule should be agreed upon by the supervisor and the
        student prior to beginning their employment. Changes may be made to the work
        schedule, but they must be requested by the student and approved by the

5.     Paychecks

        5.1   Student workers are paid monthly. Each paycheck should reflect payment
                for the preceding month’s work.

        5.2   To initiate student’s paycheck, the student must complete and sign a Time
                Card and the supervisor must approve it. The Department Head must put
                the hours to be paid on the Payroll Preparation Report (PPR) provided to
                them, attach the supporting Time Cards and forward the entire package to
                the Student Employment Office.

        5.3   The Student Employment Office reviews all PPRs and Time Cards before
                submission to the Payroll Office for processing.

        5.4   Paychecks are issued at the Cashiers’ Window in the Fiscal Affairs

6.     Rest Periods

        For every four (4) consecutive hours of work, a student employee is permitted
        to take a rest period of up to 15 minutes. These rest periods may be taken away
        from the work area and must be scheduled with the supervisor.  

7.     Employee Benefits

        Student workers do not qualify for annual leave, sick leave, holiday pay, group
        insurance, retirement plan participation, or leave of absences. Graduate
        Assistants may be eligible for certain benefits and should contact the Human
        Resource Department for further information.

8.     Dress Code

        Employing departments may establish dress codes for student workers, The
        employing department should communicate such requirements to student workers
        prior to hiring them.

9.     Pay Increases

        Increases in the pay rates for student workers must be initiated on an Authorization
        for Form 500 (Student Employment).  

10.   Forms

        All student employment related forms are available in the Student Employment

Contact:     Student Employment Administrator
                  Director of Human Resources


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