Student Accident Insurance


70.08         Student Accident Insurance                                                             Issued: May 15, 1998

1.     All students participating in selected University sponsored extracurricular activities,
        including but not limited to the following, as determined by the Vice President for
        Student Affairs and Health Center Administrator are required to maintain accident
        insurance while participating.

         a.     Cheerleaders
         b.     Marching Band
         c.     Charles Gilpin Players
         d.     Intramural Athletics  

2.     Students desiring to participate in the above activities must sign a liability waiver,
        provide proof of insurance, and provide a copy of both to the Health Center

3.     Students who do not have insurance may sign up for the TAMUS accident insurance
        plan or some comparable plan and provide the Health Center Administrator with the
        form and check for payment. The Health Center Administrator will ensure that the
        applications and payments are mailed.

4.     Advisors for the above referenced student activities will not allow students to
        participate until they have verified with the Health Center that the necessary proof
        of insurance and  liability waiver exists.  

Contact:     Health Center Administrator

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