Lab and Equipment Access Fees


70.18     Lab and Equipment Access Fees                                                                                    Issued: March 25, 2002

1.     Definitions

        Lab Fees – authorized under state law (Section 54.501 of the Education Code), these fees are
        intended to cover the actual cost of lab materials and supplies used by students in lab or lecture/lab

        Equipment Access Fees – authorized under State law (Section 54.504 of the Education Code), these
        fees are intended to help defray the cost of providing and maintaining instructional equipment in
        lecture or lecture/lab courses.

2.     Assessment of Fees

        2.1     The Manager of Treasury Services will ensure that the fee tables in SIS+ are updated to
                  properly assess lab fees and equipment access fees for each semester.

        2.2     For departments which charge both lab fees and equipment access fees, the University will
                 assess whichever fee is greater for lecture/lab courses and will not charge the other fee.

3.     Accounting for Fee Income

        3.1     As required by law, lab fees will deposited into an E&G Fund account (i.e. 1XXXXX account
                 number) established for lab fee income. The Controller will make budget transfers once per
                 semester to allocate lab fee income earned to the respective departments’ lab fee accounts.

        3.2    As allowed by law, equipment access fees will be deposited into Designated Fund accounts
                (i.e. 2XXXXX account number) established for the respective departments that assess the fees.
                Annual revenue and expenditure budgets will normally be established during the preparation of
                the University’s operating budget. Adjustments will be made, as required, based on actual

4.     Fee Rate Approvals

        4.1     The Board of Regents has authorized the President to set lab fee rates from a minimum of $2
                  to a maximum of $30 per course. Departments wishing to adjust the rate charge must submit
                  a written request through administrative channels to the Vice President for Finance and
                  Administration. Lab fee increases must be approved by the President and will be effective
                  the following September.

         4.2    Fee rates for equipment access fees must be approved by the Board of Regents. Request
                 forms will be routed annually to departments for completion in the January time-frame. All fee
                 requests requiring Board approval will be submitted by the published due date for the March
                 Board of Regents meeting. Approved fee rate changes will take effect the following September.

Contact: Controller

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