Dropping Students for Nonpayment


70.05         Dropping Students for Non-Payment                                                  Issued: May 15, 1998
                                                                                                                        Updated: July 14, 1999


        Section 54.007 of the Education Code Allows students to pay their tuition and fees
        during the Fall and Spring Semesters using one of two payment options: (1) 100%
        at the beginning of the semester, or (2) 50% at the beginning of the semester, 25%
        at the start of the sixth week of class and 25% at the start of the eleventh week of
        class. Section 54.209 defines tuition and fees as "tuition, service fees, lab fees,
        building use fees, and all other fees except room, board or clothing fees, or deposits
        in the nature of security for return or proper care of property." Thus, all tuition and
        fees assessed by the University, except room and board, must be paid in accordance
        with one of the above two options for a student to remain in school beyond the
        official census date. In an effort to maximize collection efforts and to maintain
        consistency with state law, the university imposes the same requirements on room
        and board as well.

2.     Dropping Students for Non-Payment

        2.1   A report of students with outstanding balances due the University is generated
                from SIS+ after the close of the Cashier’s Office on the payment due date. The
                list is reviewed by the Accounts Receivable Office, the Student Financial Aid
                Department, and the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration
                to identify students on the list who should not be dropped.

       2.2    The Manager of Treasury Services collects the requests not to drop students
                from the various reviewing offices and finalizes the drop list. The drop list is
                then forwarded to the Registrar so that the enrollment of students in an unpaid
                status can be dropped.  When the students are dropped, all required tuition
                and fees (excludes room, board and laundry) are automatically dropped as

        2.3   Copies of the drop list are provided to the Auxiliary Support Services
                Department and the Housing Department so that the room, board and
                laundry charges can be canceled for those students dropped and prorated
                billings for services received forwarded to the Accounts Receivable Office
                for billing.

3.     Reinstatement Requests

        3.1   Students who have been dropped and who feel that an error has occurred
                may complete a Request for Reinstatement form and submit it to the
                Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will review the requests and route
                them to the appropriate office for approval.

        3.2   All requests are reviewed and approved/disapproved by the appropriate vice
                president and returned to the Registrar’s Office.

        3.3   The students will be advised by the Registrar’s Office as to the outcome of
                their request.  

4.     Forms

        Request for Reinstatement Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office. 

Contact:     Manager of Treasury Services

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