Book Vouchers


70.12     Book Vouchers                                                                                       Issued: April 1, 1999

1.    Purpose

       The purpose of book vouchers is to assist students with purchasing their text books
       with their financial aid.

2.    Types

       There are two types of book vouchers:

       2.1     Book vouchers funded with financial aid overpayments.

       2.2    Book vouchers funded with book scholarships

3.    Procedures

       3.1    Students with an overpayment due them request a book voucher from the
                Student Financial Aid Office.

       3.2    Departments awarding book scholarships submit their awards on a Scholarship
                Grant Authorization Form and state on the form that the scholarship is for

       3.3    The Director of Student Financial Aid prepares/approves Book Voucher Forms
                for the students referenced above and submits copies to the Auxiliary Support
                Services Department and to the Fiscal Affairs Department.

       3.4    The Director of Student Financial Aid posts the book voucher scholarships to
                the students fee accounts.  

       3.5    The Auxiliary Support Services Department activates a book voucher account
                for the student on the ID Card Access System for the approved amount.

       3.6    The Fiscal Office enters the amount of the approved book voucher charge
                to the respective student fee accounts.

       3.7    The student purchases their books at the University Bookstore and charges
                the purchase amount to their book voucher account (up to the approved

       3.8    The Bookstore contractor submits billings for the book voucher charges to
                the Auxiliary Support Services Department.

       3.9    The Director of Auxiliary Support Services verifies all billings to the
                supporting documents, prepares a purchase voucher for payment, and
                submits it to the Fiscal Affairs Department for payment.

    3.10    Prior to the end of each semester, the Director of Auxiliary Services will
               deactivate all book voucher accounts and submit credit adjustments to the
               Fiscal Affairs Department for posting to the respective students’ fee accounts.

Contacts: Director of Financial Aid
Director of Auxiliary Support Services.


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