Administrative Pending


70.07         Administrative Pending                                                                   Issued: May 15, 1998

1.     Definition

        Administrative Pending is a temporary credit applied against student fee
        receivables when payment is reasonably assured but delayed due to an
        administrative process. One example of allowable circumstances include
        presentment of a check made payable on a foreign bank for which their is
        a required waiting period before the check can be processed. Another
        example is a student employed by the University who is due a paycheck,
        but the paycheck will not be released until after the installment due date.  

2.     Procedures

        2.1   When circumstances such as those outlined in the above definition present
                themselves and no other option is available for the student to meet the first
                installment payment by the due date, the Controller will consider the use of
                Administrative Pending to keep the student in school and to not penalize them
                for an administrative process outside of their control. If approved, the
                justification and approval are documented on the Administrative Pending
                form and the Treasury Services Office posts the Administrative Pending
                credit to the student’s account.

        2.2  Subsequent to the first installment due date, the Treasury Services Office
               will reverse the Administrative Pending credit and follow up on the
               administrative issue giving rise to it to ensure that full payment is received.

3.     Forms

        Administrative Pending forms are available in the Fiscal Affairs Department.  

Contact:     Manager of Treasury Services


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