Request for Proposal (RFP) Procedures


10.11    Request for Proposal (RFP) Procedures                                                                Issued: May 1, 1999

1.    Use

        The University uses RFP’s to solicit proposals from vendors for the procurement of
        goods and services when competitive bidding is not required.

2.      Purpose

        The purpose of an RFP is to solicit proposals with specific data which will allow the
        University to select the best proposal for the University. The best proposal is not
        necessarily the one with the lowest cost or highest income to the University.
        Other factors such as qualifications of the company, quality of service provided
        and financial stability of the company contribute to the selection
        of the best proposal.

3.      Selection Committee

        Given the consideration of qualitative variables, it is in the best
        interest to appoint a selection committee. Such a committee should be
        comprised of representatives from the appropriate constituencies within
        the University community. The unit ultimately responsible for administering
        the contract will be responsible for appointing the selection committee.

4.    Bid Bonds

       The requesting department may require bid bonds for more significant programs/
       services to ensure that only serious vendors submit proposals. If required, the
       amount and the requirement will be communicated in the RFP.

5.    Procedures

       5.1     The requesting department will draft the RFP and route it through the Office
                 of the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Purchasing
                 Office for review prior to issuance. All required adjustments will be made
                 as requested by these respective offices.

       5.2    The requesting department will appoint a selection committee comprised of
                representatives from the impacted constituencies on campus. Proper
                consideration will be given to any pertinent statutory requirements, such
                as those that require student representation.

       5.3    The requesting department will identify appropriate selection criteria
                which considers the key issues of concern. Examples of such issues

      a.    Years company has been in business
      b.    Experience of company in area of desired services
      c.    Financial strength of company
      d.    Proposed charge/income to the University
      e.    Quality of similar programs/services provided elsewhere
      f.     Compliance with specifications in RFP

     5.4      The requesting department will develop a calendar of events in coordination
                with the Purchasing Office. The calendar should include the following:

                a.      Issue date
                b.     Vendor tour and question and answer session date
                c.      Response date and time
                d.     Date and time of opening of responses

     5.5      The RFP should contain the name, address and telephone number of the
                contact person for the University. Normally this will be the Purchasing

     5.6      The RFP will be issued through the Purchasing Office and all responses will be
                received by the Purchasing Office.

     5.7      The proposals received in response to the RFP by the established deadline
                will be opened by the Purchasing Office staff on the established date and time.
                The RFP opening will be open to the public. The purpose of the opening is to
                publicly acknowledge the vendors who submitted responses and to verify that
                the basic response documents are present and signed.

    5.8       The responses received will be documented by the Purchasing Office staff
                on a Bid Tabulation sheet. All attendees of the RFP opening will sign an
                attendance sheet.

    5.9       Requisite copies of all responses will be forwarded to the selection
                committee for review and recommendation. The committee will evaluate
                each response based upon the established criteria and document their
                results. Based upon this evaluation the selection committee will recommend
                the best proposal to the Vice President for Finance and Administration
                and the Purchasing Agent for approval. Upon approval, the Purchasing
                Office will notify the selected vendor of the University’s selection and
                desire to commence contract negotiations. The Purchasing Office will
                notify the other respondents of the selections.

    5.10    If the University determines that none of the responses are acceptable, all
               respondents will be notified of this decision and the requesting department
               will consider whether to revise and/or reissue the RFP.

    5.11    Contract reviews and approvals are subject to the University contract
               approval procedures (see Section 2.02).

    5.12    State statutes require performance bonds for certain types of contracts.
               Additionally, prudent management dictates performance bonds for significant
               programs and services.  The Purchasing Office and the Office of Finance and
               Administration will jointly be responsible for ensuring the performance bonds
               are required when necessary. If a performance bond is required, said
               requirement will be communicated in the RFP.

Contact: Purchasing Agent

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