Determination of Employee Work Status


10.07         Determination of Employee Work Status                                       Issued: May 15, 1998
                                                                                                                                                               Updated: November 30, 2001

1.     Purpose

        The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that the University properly handles contract versus         employee labor, which is necessary to ensure proper handling of employee taxes, withholding and

2.     Procedures

        2.1     Prior to processing purchase requisitions for contracting services with individuals, the
                  Purchasing Agent will complete the TAMUS Employee/Independent Contractor
                  Classification Checklist. Assistance with completing the form will be obtained from
                  the Director of Human Resources, as necessary.

        2.2     If the individual meets the criteria for an employee, the Purchasing Agent will return
                  the Purchase Requisition to the requesting department with an explanation and advise
                  them to process a Form 500.

        2.3     If the individual does not meet the criteria for an employee, the Purchasing Agent will
                  process the Purchase Order.

Contact:   Purchasing Agent


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