Central Stores Operations


10.04         Central Stores Operations                                                                   Issued: May 15,1998

1.    Purpose

       The purpose of the Central Stores Operations is to facilitate departments with the
       procurement of supplies and standard University forms.  [Note: Departments are not
       required to purchase their supplies through the Central Stores Operations.]

2.    Scope of Services

       The Central Stores Operations maintains a modest inventory of standard University forms.
       In addition, it has an arrangement with the Texas A&M University Central Stores Operation
       whereby it purchase supplies from them once or twice per week, depending on the volume.
       Items purchased from the Central Stores Operations are delivered to the departments making
       the purchases. The fee charged for this service is a 15% markup on the purchase price.

3.    Procedures

       3.1     Departments desiring to purchase supplies or forms initiate their order by preparing
                 a purchase requisition payable to Central Stores and submitting it to the Budget
                 Office.  [Note: Items ordered from the TAMU Central Stores Catalog must
                 reference the proper item numbers.]

        3.2     Upon receipt of an approved original IDO, the Central Stores staff place the order
                  with TAMU, usually by fax. The TAMU Central Stores staff deliver the orders to
                  the University’s Central Stores facility on a weekly basis.

        3.3    The supplies received are verified against the IDO to ensure that everything was
                 received. Out of stock items will be so noted. [Note: The department making the
                 purchase is responsible for reordering any out of stock items either from
                 Central Stores or an alternate vendor.] A bill to the receiving department is
                 prepared and the goods are delivered as soon as possible. An employee in the
                 department is required to sign for the goods received.

        3.4    Central Stores submits the billings to the Fiscal Office monthly for posting to FAMIS.

4.     Forms

        Purchase Requisition forms may be purchased from Central Stores.  

Contact:     Stores & Property Supervisor


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