Central Receiving


10.05         Central Receiving                                                                           Issued: May 15, 1998

1.     Purpose

        The purpose of Central Receiving is to provide a central point of delivery for goods
        purchased by the University to facilitate the efficient delivery by carriers and to facilitate the
        issuance of necessary receiving reports.

2.     Procedures for Receiving Shipments

        2.1    All Purchase Orders issued to vendors for goods provide instructions for shipment
                 to be delivered to the Central Receiving Building. 

        2.2    Upon receipt of goods from a carrier, a receiving report is prepared for all items
                 received. A copy of all receiving reports are provided to the Accounts Payable
                 Office for processing of the invoice (when received) for payment.  

        2.3     Delivery of packages is delayed whenever the Purchase Order number is not properly
                 displayed on the outside of the package. Upon determination of the department and
                Purchase Order number, the goods are delivered and someone in the department is
                 required to sign for them.  

        2.4     Packages received that do not have a purchase order associated with them are
                considered to be personal packages and the departments are contacted to come
                pick them up.  

3.     Procedures for Returning Packages  

        3.1    Departments desiring to ship a purchased item back to the vendor may do so at their
               own expense and then seek reimbursement from the University by submitting a
                purchase requisition to the Purchasing Office.

        3.2    Departments desiring to utilize Central Receiving to return a purchased item back to
                 the vendor may do so by bringing the package (shipment ready) to the Central
                 Receiving  Office.

        3.3    Upon receipt of the package, the Central Receiving staff will determine who will bear
                 the shipping charges. If the vendor will, the requesting department must provide a
                 return authorization number. If the University will, the Central Receiving staff will
                 obtain the shipping cost and advise the requesting department of the amount.

        3.4    If required to bear the shipping cost, the requesting department must submit a
                 purchase requisition with Central Stores as the vendor through the IDO procedures.

        3.5    The Central Receiving staff with make arrangements for the shipment.

        3.6    Whoever returns a purchased item to the vendor is responsible for notifying the
                 Accounts Payable section so that the University does not pay for the returned item.  

Contact Person:     Stores & Property Supervisor

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