Banquet Charges


10.09     Banquet Charges                                                                                Issued: April 1, 1999

1.     Definitions

       Banquet charges, for purposes of this procedure, are defined as charges by an entity to the
       University for a specified number of university representatives to attend the banquet. This
       definition does not include conference fees, which may include the charge for a banquet
       associated with the conference.

2.    Allowable Funding Sources

       Banquet charges are not allowable on State accounts (10000 series account number)
       or grant and contract accounts. However, banquet charges are allowable on “discretionary”
       accounts, which are typically Designated Fund (2000 series accounts), Auxiliary Enterprise
       Fund (3000 series accounts) and certain gift accounts not restricted for some other specific

3.    Justification

       Department requesting to pay for a banquet charge must provide a written justification which
       demonstrates that the University and /or the State benefits from attendance at the event.

4.    Unallowable Banquet Charges

        Banquet charges in connection with political, religious, or other controversial activities are

5.    Processing

       To process a payment for a banquet charge, the budget head must submit a purchase
        requisition, the written justification, and the registration form to the Purchasing Office.
        All request will be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Finance and
        Administration.  All approved requests will be processed through the normal Purchase
        order procedures (see Administrative Procedures Manual Section 10.02)

Contact Person:    Purchasing Agent

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