Use of Licensed Commercial Software

Accounting and Safeguarding of Assets

40.14 Use of Licensed Commercial Software                                                      Issued: March 22, 2002

1.     System Regulation

        The use of licensed commercial software is governed by System Regulation 21.99.10. The following
        are the University’s procedures for complying with these regulations.

2.     Requirements and Restrictions

        2.1     All computer software under the control of and use by the University must be appropriately
                  licensed. The licensing agreement will be maintained in the department using the software.

       2.2      Software that is used on Campus Net servers or the University mainframe computer will be
                 maintained by the Information Technology Services Department.

       2.3     No computer software may be copied by any University employee unless the licensing
                agreement specifically approves of such and the person or department holding the license

3.    Compliance Monitoring

       3.1     Each department head, director, dean, and vice president is responsible for ensuring that an
                annual inventory of the software on the computers in their respective units is conducted.

       3.2    In the event that non-licensed software is identified on a University computer, the following
                corrective actions must be taken:

                a.    Remove the non-licensed software from the computer immediately.

                b.    Counsel staff member regarding the System Regulation and University procedures
                       regarding the use of licensed software.

                c.    Ascertain the need for the software package to conduct official University business.
                       If the software is needed, take appropriate steps to purchase a licensed copy of the

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